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A Clean Car Means a More Comfortable You

Carpet Car MatsYou spend a lot of time in your car and it only makes sense that you experience comfort during this time.

Clean carpet mats go a long way in ensuring that the interior of your vehicle feels and smells good.

You won’t always be able to make it to the car wash and so there will be times when you simply have to clean the car, including its mats, by yourself. A good car cleaning routine has a few staple steps as outlined here.

Remove the Mats From The Car

Of course the only logical thing to do at first is to remove the carpet mats from the vehicle. Access is easier and less messy this way, obviously. Lighter cleaning routines though, do not require the removal of the mats.

Pre-Clean the Carpets

Remove as much of the dust as possible by beating or dry brushing it. To conserve on the amount of water that you will use, combine the soap being used with enough water to create a lather. Pour this lather onto the mats.

Cleaning Agents

Commercial cleaning agents are ideal for your car’s mats, however, if you run out and don’t have time to get to the store, or like me just do not have the money to get the commercial grade stuff, the alternatives below should suffice:

  1. liquid soap or detergent
  2. liquid dish washing solution
  3. shampoo

Find a Good Carpet Cleaning Spot

Lay the mat on a flat clean surface and use a washing brush to scrub against and with the grain of the weaving or pattern on the mat.

Banish the Dirt and Grime

Make sure that you thoroughly rinse the detergent from the mat. Either hot water or high pressure from a power house will do the trick well; but if all you have is a simple garden hose or a bucket then just make sure that you use the brush while rinsing to scrub away all remnants of the soap.

If you own a shop vacuum, then you can use it to extract the dirt that you would have already loosened by scrubbing. Don’t worry if you don’t own one though, the typical hose rinsing and sun drying method works perfectly well for most of us.

The Dry Check

Ensure that the mat is completely dry before returning it to the vehicle floor. For fluffier mats, this may require feeling between the fibers for any moisture that may be left behind.

Maintaining the Clean

After all that hard work the last thing you want is to have to repeat the whole process soon after. This is why maintaining the cleanliness of the car mats is important. For the occasional light cleaning (the type you do in between those more intense ones), all you’ll really need is a mini broom and a scoop. For this type of cleaning you brush the built-up debris and dirt onto the scoop and discard it.

So essentially, a typical car mat cleaning routine involves dusting, lathering , scrubbing and rinsing or vacuuming in that order. Once you’ve done this, enjoy your newly cleaned car mats, but remember to keep cleaning intermittently to avoid heavy dirt buildup which requires a big cleaning job.