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Different types of vacuums with different specifications and functions, have been developed in the previous years. Earlier manufactured vacuums had a history of running out of battery life in a matter of few minutes.

This has seen the emergence of small vacuum cleaners which are much stronger and last longer in terms of battery life as compared to the big and large vacuums which had occupied the market in the previous years.

Handheld vacuums have simplified the process of dusting household goods due to the abscence of the long cords which maybe stressfull to some users. The advantages of handheld vacuum cleaners are:

  • Easy to move from place to place.
  • Since they are made to be portable, they are usually light in weight.
  • Easy to maintain and operate.

The following are the most popular and most advanced handheld vacuum cleaners which have a long battery life and mostly preferred by users.

Rowenta Delta Force

The Rowenta Delta Force handheld vacuum is one of the cleaners with the longest battery running time. This has been attributed to the 18 volt Nickel metal hydride battery which comes with the it. It requires upto 16 hours for it to be fully charged and on complete charging, it can dust floor surfaces for upto to 40 minutes and carpets for upto 30 minutes time without dying off.

It’s best recommended for dusting edges due to the prescence of air inlets present on it’s head which go all the way down to it’s base hence allowing the sucking of dust particles from any edge of the house. It also comes with a motorized brush which rotates upto 3000 times per minute hence making it easy for it to clean and remove any form of debris no matter how sicky it can be. A great feature about the cleaner is the fact that you can leave it plugged onto a power source even if the battry is fully charged.

GTech AirRam

The GTech AirRam Cordless vacuum cleaner is also another great cleaner with a long lasting battery life. It has a 22 volts lithium Ion rechargeable battery which only requires a four hour charging period which in turn provides you with upto 40 minutes of continous usage when dusting surfaces. It’s motor only consumes 100 watts guaranteeing the removal of sturbbon dirt particles.

Electrolux ErgoRapido EL 1030A

The Electrolux ErgoRapido Ion 2 in 1 18 volts cordless EL 1030A is another great handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with an 18 volt rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which can be charged four times faster than the normal Lithium battery. A battery indicator present close to it’s base indicates how much power it has before it runs dead.

The 18 volts power battery supplies it’s motor with a pretty much power which in turns facilitates proper cleaning. It’s also a 2 in 1 enabled cleaner since it can work either as a lightweight stick vacuum and at the same time as a handheld cleaner. Upon complete charging, it can clean different surfaces for a period of 30 minutes with no loss in power.

Dyson DC59

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless vacuum cleaner has a 26 minutes long lasting battery life upon a complete recharge cycle. It’s battery is a fade free re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery which is customized to supply the vacuum with the required power.

Dyson DC44

The Dyson DC44 Animal Digital SlimMK2 has a 22.2 volt nickel manganese cobalt battery which requires a 5 hours recharging time. Upon a complete charging cycle, it can provide you with upto to 20 minutes of continous dusting on both strong suction as well as a weak suction. It has been regarded as the most power efficient cordless vacuum due to the prescence of digital motors which are more convinience than conventional motors.


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