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Home or kitchen cleaning can be an uphill task at times. This should not scare you because you are the one to determine how it’s going to be. Gathering the right tools to get your cleaning started is all it takes. At times people want to skip to the last bit before even getting the tools. The sparkle can only come after the proper pressure on the dirty surface.

One of such tools to consider is a vacuum cleaner. To keep you more comfortable while doing the cleaning, you could consider a cordless handheld cleaner. Vacuums range from size to size and feature to feature. A handheld vacuum is more portable than other varieties and it comes with two types: the corded type and the cordless type.

For portability and convenience, the cordless model has an upper hand. Not only does it come at a good price, but it does most of the work a large corded cleaner could do. Its varieties in the market are immense.

With the increasing number of customers buying this type of vacuum cleaner, various manufacturers have brought their species to the market to test their luck. The following are examples of what’s available in the market:

  • Hoover 14.4V with squeegee going for $99.
  • Hoover Handivac Dry & Wet 14.4V for $99.
  • Hoover Handivac Dry & Wet 9.6V for $69.
  • Vax Gator 18V for $88.
  • Hoover 7.2V Handivac for $49.
  • Hoover Flow Blower for $129.
  • Black & Decker 18V Dustbuster for $119.
  • Black & Decker flexi 12 V for $169.
  • Black & Decker DV9610-XE for $109.

The list is quite long when it comes to the top hand vacuums available online for purchasing. It is a clear illustration that indeed the cordless handheld has received good reception from its customers out there.

Making Your Purchase

Online shopping and online window shopping has been made available thanks to technology. It is very easy to make a purchase order of the items of interest online. Many manufacturers have their products hosted in different websites. Some of the common websites are: Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and links to other personal websites and blogs.

Most of these lightweight vacuum cleaners are available in majority of appliance shops in United States and even other countries. This makes it easy for many people to get what they are looking for.

Customer Reviews

Reviewers have it that the cordless handhelds powered by a battery are convenient. Most customers have reviewed the same and conclude that it has stood up to its task of achieving the course it was intended for. For this matter therefore, the cordless type tends to be more popular with customers who consider it to be convenient.

In addition, some customers have expressed the proficiency of the device in reaching hard-to-reach areas and vehicle interiors. It has therefore been reviewed to have a powerful suction of the spills.

When it comes to power and performance, the BISSELL vacuums have received many votes in regard to which type is the most powerful.