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The Sanitaire canister vacuum cleaner is nifty little device that does its job extremely well and is useful no matter what surface you are looking to clean. Although it is designed specifically for deeper pile rugs and low pile carpets, this vacuum works just as well on hardwood floors. It has proven to be extremely popular amongst buyers looking for a good canister vacuum. It comes with its own little additions to let you clean in any little corner and get to those hard to reach spots ensuring you have a spotless room once you are done.

What makes it so special?

The vacuum aside from being a canister style vacuum is compact and has a built in powerful 10 amperes motors ensuring you have a solid and strong cleaner in your hands. It is easy to store and is highly portable thanks to its size and it weighs only 15 pounds.

It stands at 19 inches and is only 11 inches wide. Customers have even taken to holding it as they balance on ladders to reach high shelves ensuring it is truly a handy piece. Considering it is a lightweight model this is no problem at all. The easy rolling wheels also ensure it is easy to move about.

HEPA Filtration

The vacuum’s special feature is the HEPA filtration that is easy to clean and gives you a sanitary working environment as it is sealed to prevent dirt leakage. For those of you who have not used such a filter before, a HEPA or high efficiency particulate absorption filtration system absorbs 99.9 percent of all air particles. Such filters are usually used in devices in medical facilities and other industrial set ups. Also excellent for households that have pets.

The filter bags are easy to remove and replace and do not let dust escape when doing so. Any cleaning crew is bound to breathe easier.

Customers have used it in their places of work and at home owing to this large advantage and have been extremely satisfied with the way it performed. Some with their own businesses such as a shop have used this little device despite having bigger vacuums specifically for such a set up owing to its efficiency.

There are versions for residential cleaning and industrial but customers have used both in different set ups and been pleased with the performance of both anywhere.

Extra Tools

The vacuum cleaner comes with special attachments for crevices. It has telescopic cleaning wands for high surfaces or ceilings cobwebs as well. You simply attach the attachment to the end of the 7 foot long hose and lock it down before you extend it to the height you need if it is for high places. The other attachments have levers to switch between different surfaces.

Attachments that are included are:

  • Telescopic wands.
  • Deluxe rug / floor nozzle.
  • Built in brush strips.
  • Natural hair dusting brush.
  • Upholstery nozzle.
  • Snap on tool caddy.
  • Attachments for low pile carpet and area rugs.
  • Also accepts eureka power paw turbo head for deeper pile rugs.

The 20 foot cord also allows for easy cleaning in large spaces and as it is not retractable it can be stored by wrapping it around hooks specifically meant for this. It can easily be uncoiled by tilting the rear hook.

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